RSS Brain
Take back your control of information consumption with this RSS? reader.
Avaliable in browser, iOS and Android. Responsibal design for all screen sizes.

Surpport upvotes and comment count from forums like Reddit and HackerNews.

Option to sort posts by score. Sorting score is based on upvotes and post date. The algorithm is transparent so you don't need to worry about being manipulated by algorithms.

Powered by transparent algorithm, RSS Brain shows related articles from your subscriptions.

RSS Brain supports multiple recommendation sections for a feed. For each recommendation section, you can choose a folder or a feed to find articles from. Click "Add more" button under article to add a recommendation section.

You can also save the search term into a folder so that the folder only shows the topic of your interest.

Try RSS Brain with 7 days free trail and subscribe with $4.99 per month.

* This is a Beta version. The API will change frequently and you may need to keep the client to the newest version.

Contact [email protected] if you have any question